V Tight Gel Restores Vagina Tightness and Elasticity After Childbirth


Childbirth is a destructive event of vaginal organs, especially undergo vaginal delivery. The delicate vaginal tissue will be strained and bruised or torn. It takes several weeks (3 to 8 weeks) to recover from this injury. However, it would not restore the tightness and elasticity close to prior delivery as it's really damaging the tissue, muscles, and perineum around the vagina. vaginal deliveryIn some cases, the sensation of 'vaginal performance' can actually become so poor - meaning a less grip sensation, contraction and sensitivity, when you don't know how to maintain it post-delivery. Moreover, when the surgery also involving episiotomy to ease birthing process which is unfortunately may lead to adverse events like vaginal dryness, then intensive maintaining strategy post delivery can become important.

Generally speaking on the physical appearance, the vagina post vaginal delivery is in a stress condition, which is accompanied by edema and bruises while the vaginal orifice remains open. Within 1-2 days, the edema will reduce and the vaginal wall will back to smooth. However, the tightness and elasticity need some times for recovery, which is depend on your hormonal factor.
Since breastfeeding, menstruation and aging are main factors of a decreased hormone levels while side effect of oral contraceptives to control the period may exacerbate the level, then the regimen for maintaining vaginal performance becomes more challenge for those who want to restore the youthful structure of vaginal wall (the soft layer surrounding urogenital tract) and the tissue.

vaginal or pelvic muscles

The same impact also happened to the pelvic muscles or generally we call vaginal muscles. The strength of contraction also disturbed by birthing process and surgery itself, including side effects of analgesic and anesthesics. For this case, doing kegels can help restore the tone. You just find the right muscle on your vagina and do "squeeze-release" exercise regularly. However, if birthing process and/or obstetric procedures damaging the muscle which is consisted of fibers, then obviously kegel can't help. You must have hormonal therapy to answer this issue since it's the only biochemical process that can rejuvenate the structure, not exercise.

For vaginal hole, it's tubular tract that can return to its normal size. And it needs time for recovery which is usually taken about 3 weeks. However, it's not entirely fully translated as described even though the vagina has stitched after delivery. The vaginal walls, skin, and tissue, have been stretched very hard during birthing process, so obviously the skin cells and the composition of its collagen and elastin are entirely damaged. That being said, the tightness and its elasticity will be declined significantly prior childbirth. If 'recovery process' of these structures are not enough, which is depend on your hormonal status, but you already start having intercourse afterward then you may see the hole become wide. Although it may look a tight close when no penile penetration, the case will be different when you have sex.

So how to make your vagina tighter after childbirth, which is automatically making your vaginal hole narrow again even there is penile penetration and a stronger tone of pelvic or vaginal muscles as well?

The answer is you must get estrogenic activities from external resources such as with phytoestrogens (estrogen-like derived from plants) that can rejuvenate your vaginal walls, lips and muscles. This will speed up the recovery process instead of relies on your own estrogen. This how V Tight Gel™ takes a part as your natural hormonal therapy to rejuvenate your vaginal walls, lips, and muscles, which is eventually make your vagina narrower and tighter, as well as better strength of pelvic or vaginal muscle contration. V Tight Gel is a topical administration containing ingredients with a high profile of phytoestrogens to tighten and rejuvenate your genital organs and the function of fluid secretion. Even better, they can constrict the skin of your vaginal lips and walls almost instantly due to other phytochemical contents known as tannins that have astringent properties so you can enjoy pleasure sex like you haven't given birth immediately. The main active ingredients are Oak Gall and Witch Hazel which are well documented in the medical literature with tightening and rejuvenating properties. You can learn more detail about these herbs on their pages.

Of course you can also try with dietary foods that contains phytoestrogen to counter vaginal issues after childbirth. These dietary foods including broccoli, beans, barley, carrots, fennel, fenugreek, nuts, oats, pomegranates, and some others. In case the effectiveness and time is your concern however, V Tight Gel is your best option as they have strong isoflavones content compared other botanical sources. Isoflavones are the highest class of phytoestrogen besides Coumesin and Lignans, and the mineral components forming these substances vary from one botanical source to others.
For synthetic estrogen which is commonly used in HRT drugs, you should use it as the last option since it may link to serious side effects in the long run, or at least consult your physician before taking it into account.

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