Witch Hazel on V Tight Gel Helps Tighten and Rejuvenate the Vagina

witch hazel

Witch Hazel (Hamamelis virginiana) is another important ingredient from the formula of V Tight Gel. This ingredient is rich in specific condensed and hydrolyzable tannins known as gallotannins, such as 6 to 11 galloyl units (gallic acids), isoflavones, flavonol glycosides, hydroxycinnamic acids, procyanidins and catechin. All of these phytochemical contents furthermore are identified have certain therapeutic benefits. Some of those benefits including an ability to constrict the skin and the tissue due to its tannin profile and skin-rejuvenating properties due to its phytoestrogen contents such as isoflavones and flavonol glycosides. In medicine and clinical trials, extract of Witch Hazel are popular in healing a damaged skin caused by injuries.

Some clinical studies including a study from the Institute for Chemical and Environmental Research, Spain, that showed its ability in maintaining the structure of skin cells and repair damaged skin cells (ref-1), and other studies from Japan or a study archived in 2007 European Journal of Pediatric that shows how the extract of Witch Hazel rejuvenates the tissue in children with skin disorders and injuries (ref: 2,3). The interesting point is, the effect of Witch Hazel extract even better than Dexpanthenol which often prescribed for damaged skin cells.

Extract of Witch Hazel also has antibacterial, antiviral, hemorrhoid relief, anti-diabetes, varicose veins, and a few other health benefits. A study conducted by researchers from Spain and United States found Witch Hazel can even fight colon cancer cells (ref-4).
Despite these health benefits, Witch Hazel also powerful in the vaginal care. In addition to their phytoestrogen content that can rejuvenate the vaginal walls, lips, muscles, and the function of glands and tissue in secreting the fluid, Witch Hazel also can make your vagina tighter in short of time because of its astringent properties (ref-5) - an ability to constrict the skin and maintain the composition of skin structure due to its tannin content (ref-6). This is a reason why Witch Hazel has been listed in the top list of astringent sources (ref-7).

What makes Witch Hazel become a strong competitor against Oak Gall - another natural ingredient of V Tight Gel with a very strong tannin profile and phytoestrogens, is the extract of Witch Hazel also rich in natural phenols. Phenols are small molecules that can speed up the absorption of any chemical content mix with it into cell membranes. That being said, tannins, phytoestrogens, and other phytochemical contents derived from Witch Hazel extract will be transported easily to the epidermis. In other words, any effect of those substances (tightening and rejuvenating) will occur in short of time, including those on female genital organs (vaginal walls, muscles, glans, tissue, and vaginal lips). Recent studies investigate the mechanism of phenols archived in the Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 2011 Aug;401(2):677-88 by German researchers.

Therefore, for women who want to tighten the vagina in short of time and/or rejuvenate the vaginal walls, muscles and lips for real youthful structures (resulting more thick, tight, elastic and stronger contraction), including eliminate vaginal dryness from underlying causes (estrogen deficiency), then using the extract of Witch Hazel is very recommended. The good news is, you can even use this herb directly to your genital organs through topical administration such as offered by V Tight Gel™, hence it doesn't have to be passing your digestive system and liver for a safe-effective concern. Even better, this formula also contains an extract of Oak Gall that makes the outcomes far beyond other formula. You can learn about Oak Gall on this page for more detail.

4.http://pubs.acs.org/doi/abs/10.1021/np200426k 5.https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/mesh/68001252

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